What insurance plans do you accept?

  • We file insurance claims with all insurance companies, but Dr. Shiver is not a member of any network.  Dr. Shiver’s staff is very experienced at working with insurance companies and will give every effort to getting the maximum benefit allowed from your policy.

Do you accept Medicaid, Peachcare or Medicare?

  • We do not accept Medicaid or Peachcare.  Medicare does not offer any dental benefits.

How much does an extraction cost?

  • Fees for extractions run from $125 to $180 depending upon the degree of difficulty and whether or not it is a surgical procedure.  If the tooth to be extracted is a wisdom tooth or a near molar, a panoramic x-ray may also be necessary.  The fee for the panoramic x-ray is $90.

At what age should my child begin to come in for regular dental visits?

  • Dr. Shiver generally recommends that your child begin regular preventive care visits at age 4, but children under the age of 4 can develop decay. You should brush your child’s teeth well twice per day and make it a habit to look closely at their teeth for anything that looks like decay. You should bring your child to the dentist anytime you suspect decay, your child has been in an accident involving a blow to the teeth, or you have any other concerns. A great way to introduce your child to dental care, is to bring them with you when you come for your regular cleanings. Dr. Shiver and his staff will begin to build a relationship with your child that will encourage him or her to look forward to coming in to see the dentist.

Do you accept walk-ins?

  • Dr. Shiver works generally by appointment only, however he makes every effort to accommodate anyone who has an urgent need or who is in discomfort. Emergency appointment times are often available in his schedule, but should be reserved prior to coming to his office. For non-emergencies, Dr. Shiver is usually available to see you within a few days.

If I am a very anxious dental patient, is there anything that Dr. Shiver can do help me be more comfortable during a dental procedure?

  • Sometimes Dr. Shiver can prescribe oral medication that will relax you just prior to, and during, an extended dental procedure. Such medication can only be prescribed to established patients of record for whom Dr. Shiver has reviewed, and is familiar with, their complete health history. It is only through a complete review of your health history, and any medications that you take regularly, that he can safely prescribe any anti-anxiety medication. Dr. Shiver recommends that you make an appointment for an exam, during which you can discuss any improvements that you would like to make to your smile, as well as, your concerns. He and his staff will develop a personalized treatment plan that reaches your goals for your smile, includes efforts to minimize your anxiety, and helps you obtain financing for your procedures, if needed.

Do you offer any financing?

  • Payment for services must be made at your appointment. We accept Mastercard, VISA, personal checks, and cash. We also offer low interest financing plans through Care Credit. We will be happy to assist you in applying to Care Credit or you can apply online. By applying online, you will know instantly whether or not you are approved and you will be given an account number. As long as you have your Care Credit account number, you can use it to pay for your dental care as early as the same day.